ARK began its successful journey as an integrated construction and infrastructure development company with a strategic emphasis on residential projects. Since its establishment in 1989, ARK has remained faithful to its commitment to create exceptional spaces that are beautiful and deliver unparalleled experiences.
Headquartered in Hyderabad with a regional office in Bengaluru, ARK’s residential and commercial projects have stood out for their craftsmanship and unique visual language. Making use of both modern and cultural nuances, ARK designs spaces that spell exclusivity in form, function and aesthetics. From design development through project building, and until construction closeout, ARK collaborates with all stakeholders to achieve the most cost-effective and highest quality solutions that will stand the test of time. ARK has a rich legacy of delivering quality-laden residential, commercial and infrastructure projects for individuals, corporates, Government and Defence sectors through the Country.
Amongst most recent notable townships are ARK homes, ARK Serene County, ARK Cloud City and ARK Eternal Springs.


From the Chairman’s Desk

Welcome to ARK family. Our Corporate philosophy is delivering peace of mind to our customers.
Embedded within the DNA of the company is the philosophy of delivering peace of mind to all our  stake holders. We at ARK believe in walking the talk.
Right from the time a customer walks in, to the time we hand over the keys and beyond, we take pride in providing personalized service to our customers.
We value transparency, ethical practices, regular communication, responsive behavior and adherence to the highest standards of quality which translates  to one of our most precious and shining asset  “Trust”.



  • To be a leading construction industry brand with a reputation for innovation, quality, customer delight and equity.


  • To offer the best value for money and create landmark assets with potential for value appreciation
  • To harness the power of innovation to deliver superior quality
  • To ensure a high growth, pleasant and safe work environment
  • To be a responsible corporate citizen


  • Peace of mind – ARK’s sole aim is to assure complete peace of mind to its end users. Completely hassle free procedures, high quality production values and timely delivery are the keys we use to open the doors to utter bliss.
  • Innovation – We believe in constant innovation to offer a beautiful experience to all the residents of our townships.
  • Value creation – At ARK the emphasis is on creating value that will stand the test of time.
  • Openness – We establish a transparent relationship with our residents right from day 1.
  • Professionalism – Every single step is completely professional right from the beginning till the delivery.
  • Customer delight – Our utmost commitment is towards our customers for whose satisfaction we strive endlessly.

We at ARK are not only Customer Centric , we also take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously, thereby making our share of contribution to social growth and societal harmony. In our CSR endeavour , Our prime focus is on Health and  Education for the underprivileged.

Objectives of ARK’s Quality Assurance System:

ARK commits itself to maintain consistent customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in its layouts, designs and construction processes. Also delighting them through originality in design and top notch quality performance.
Objectives of ARK’s Quality Assurance System:

Objectives of ARK’s Quality Assurance System:

  • Building relationships with clients based on the foundation of trust, integrity and transparency
  • To be a complete solution provider in the building industry
  • To maintain consistency and continual improvement in quality
  • To ensure higher value for money for the customer
  • To ensure environmental friendliness in every phase of construction
  • To provide quality beyond the expectation of the customer
  • To be a socially responsible organisation practicing sound professional ethics

Our Happy Clients